Switchboard Products

Shivam is one of few companies capable of designing, manufacturing & supplying a wide range of modular and custom built L.V. Main Switchboard for Industrial, Commercial , Residential, Hospitals, IT etc…. Our range of products comprising of:

  1. Power Control Centres ( PCC up to 6300 A Tier I, Tier II, Back to Back)
  2. Motor Control Centres (MCC’s) (Form 2, Form 3 & 4 )
  3. Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel
  4. ATS Starters
  5. PLC Panel
  6. Power Distribution Boards
  7. AMF Panel
  8. Synchronising Panel
  9. Process Control Panels

Performance guaranteed by testing

To many, the standards which set out the minimum performance required of switchgear are interpreted as their maximum requirement.
To Shivam, the standards are the minimum benchmark to build on for true reliability and performance.
Shivam strives to meet the underlying intent, not just the basic requirement, aware that its customers seek more than just a minimum cost solution.
Shivam is one of the most extensively type tested switchboard manufacturers in India, with tests conducted on a very wide variety of designs covering the widest possible spread of switchboard arrangements.
Shivam hold 3rd Party Accredited Type Test Certificates and Reports and can provide protection ratings of up to IP54 in the normal design and up to IP66 in custom design.