air-circuit-breakers- Retrofittings
Benefits over replacing complete switchboards include:

  • Significant overall cost savings
  • Minimal disruption to site and supplies
  • No need to disturb or replace bus bar /cables
  • No new civil work required

Panel Ready for Retrofitting
Some of the benefits of retrofit switchgear include:

  • Increased operating reliability and safety
  • Higher short circuit ratings available
  • Reduced maintenance and environmental impact
  • Service life of switchgear can be extended by up to 15 years

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Benefits over replacing complete switchboards include:


A typical retrofit involves the replacement of old circuit breakers and switches by modern circuit breakers which offer better efficiency and protection.

This option is particularly attractive to organisations with a concentrated age profile of installed equipment and where asset replacement budgets are limited.

This eliminates re-cabling, civil work, relocation of transformer or bus duct. Moreover, a retrofit of circuit boards with protection equipment can result in an increase of life of equipments.
LV Switchboard1

Refurbishment restores the equipment to its original condition and performance specification. It can actually enhance ratings or performance, dependent on the equipment involved.