Panels are fabricated using high quality CRCA sheets or as per customer requirement. The design and construction takes care of switchgears and bus bar components, specified short circuit withstand capacity, ample space for cable termination, easy access for maintenance, protection from live bus bar and termination.

Generally the panels are compartmentalized with separate chamber for live bus bars and live cable. The gasket is used around the periphery of all removable doors and covers.

Powder Coating
The Panels will be pre-treated before coating by using seven tank processes for better quality and reliability. This process involves degreasing, de-rusting, phosphate, etc. along with cold water rinsing. This process will be followed by the colour sprayed and the panel will be oven baked, finished powder coating of panels and aesthetically pleasing appearance free from dent and uneven surfaces.

The bus bars used are of electrolytic grade (Aluminium or Copper) supported firmly on non-hygroscopic epoxy or SMC insulator of adequate capacity. Bus bars joints are cleaned and applied with conductive grease to avoid temperature rise at joints, bus bars are insulated with PVC heat shrinkable sleeves. For earthing purpose, separate bus bars are used running through the length of panel with termination arrangement. We use 660 / 1100 V grade PVC insulated copper conductor, neatly arranged and bunched together.