DG Synchronising Panel


We are offering DG Synchronizing Panel which is based on load in KW. Hence the actual sharing, starting, stopping & transfers are actual load dependent & not on any other unrealistic parameter like voltage, current. Etc. Changing of scheme becomes very easy because of changes are made through software only. There is no changing of wires, adding of components like relays, contactors, which is very time consuming, cumbersome & requiring additional space.

Along with KW sharing, KVAr sharing & PF sharing is very accurate, because of PLC programming. There is no possibility of any unequal sharing as regards KW, KVAr & PF.

For any type of load addition or reduction, manual intervention as regards D.G.set operation is not required. However, in case of emergency manual override is possible.

Special programmers using Real Time Clock (RTC) are possible. Because of KW dependent load sharing, optimum utilization of D.G. sets are possible. This increases D.G. sets efficiency & saves lot of fuel.

D. G.sets are always tried to run with 80 % to 90 % load factor, where we get maximum efficiency of D.G.sets this is easily possible with our system.

The controlling rheostat may be of either stud or contactor type. It may be either hand operated or sometimes automatic. The 3-phase supply to the stator has a switching contactor along with over-load and no or low-voltage protective devices. There might be also an interlock provided to ensure the proper sequential operation of the control gear and starting devices.