We source raw materials and components for manufacturing from industry leading suppliers and distributors and this enables us to meet demanding customer requirements in record time.

The strong business relationships we have built with our suppliers assist us to source the best components at the most competitive prices.

This ability to source material from world leading suppliers means we are able to offer our clients the products of their choice and has also broadened the scope of design solutions we can offer for demanding applications.

We are using effective supplier appraisal techniques to improve the supply chain because suppliers can have a significant bearing on the success of an organization and businesses can introduce a number of problems through inadvertently using poor or inappropriate suppliers.

Our supplier appraisal includes criteria to ensure the supplier is:

  • Technically sound
  • Managerially competent
  • Adequately resourced
  • Financially stable
  • Competitive (often in terms of price and availability)
  • Reliable
  • Provides goods of suitable quality
  • Environmentally/Ethically sound