We possess a state-of-the-art facility that emboldens us to face the global challenges in stride. Our engineers are in a continuous process of product and process innovations. The facility is replete with technologically advanced machinery and equipment. We have a tool room that has been modernized over the years with technological progress. Our machinery includes:

  • Sheet bending machine
  • Shearing machine
  • Welding machine
  • Drilling machine
  • Bus bar cutting machine
  • Bus bar bending machine
  • Powder coating system


Our manpower is an accomplished composition of talented engineers, dedicated technicians and hardworking machine operators. Despite the ranking, all our employees are equally motivated in their work approach and are a pillar of strength to our organization.

Our people excel in their domain of work and we further nurture this by imbibing knowledge and imparting training. Our people, an intangible asset that we so admire enable us to achieve high quality and customer satisfaction levels.

Research and Development….

We know the importance of perpetual product development and improvement in order to remain competitive in the global markets. We have put in unshaken enterprise in creating a conducive environment for innovation. This has become true in the form of our modernistic research and development unit. A team of skilled and trained personnel are in charge of our new product development endeavours who indulge hard work in the R&D unit. They are fully aware of all upcoming technologies

Customer Satisfaction….

We always concentrate our activities on keeping our customers satisfied with our quality electrical products. Our concept of business lies in the thinking that by providing quality, accuracy, economy, timely delivery and exceptional service to our clients, we will grow automatically. Our service that exceeds all customer expectations has won accolades from our clients across the domestic scene and the world.
We continuously engage in the process of value creation for our clients and increasing efficiency even in their business. These factors play a major role in gaining widespread reputation for us.

Powder Coating….

Seven tank processes is used for pre-treatment of sheet. After surface preparation it is coated with epoxy based powder to give thickness of 80-100 microns. It is baked in oven up to 180°c temperature for better adhesion.

Bending Machine
Make :
Capacity :
Time is reduced, suitable for 200 mm width and 12 mm thick Busbar and repeated operation.

Punching Machine
Make :
Capacity :
Scrap is reduced. Suitable for punching up to 20 mm diameter hole up to 12mm thick AL/CU Busbar.

Ferrule Machine

Electronic lettering machine

It gives good aesthetic value to the job. Permanent marking ink is used. Variable sizes of sleeve are available. Number of letters can be accommodated in one ferrule. Aesthetically good, tube available in various sizes like 5mm, 9mm, 12mm. Printing method used is Thermal Transfer with 300 dpi.