Company Profile

A good foundation is essential for any success. It is the breeding ground for development and visions. It creates potentials and embraces the challenges of tomorrow.

With this in mind, Shivam was founded in < > which was gradually graduated to Private Limited Company for the construction of quality electrical panels.

Our continuous process of innovation has made us develop the range of Energy Saving Solutions. Various industry segments like chemical, pharmaceutical, food, refrigeration, surface coating, ceramic processing, engineering, software have accepted and approved our systems.
Quality is the keyword and we always try to exceed our benchmarks. This is the reason why we have bagged a number of top notch brands as our customers. We assure you the excellent systems and service back up whenever required.

All products from SHIVAM have been tested and certified by several of the world’s most recognized test laboratories. These approvals together with a partnership philosophy make it possible to work towards a goal of ensuring a high and uniform quality level on switchboards across the world.

The focus of Shivam has always been on quality, reliability, relations, and our concept of product. These values form the agenda for our future voyage.

However, the basis of our future voyage is still the solid foundation laid in < > that represents the essence of Shivam.

Business Philosophy

Shivam builds on the idea that qualitative and creative thinking opens to an endless range of combinations. In return, this leads to more clarity, safety, and practicability in the day-to-day use in any type of enclosure.

Business Sectors

  • OEM
  • Edible Oil Processing Industries
  • Automobile
  • IT and Building
  • Cement
  • Paper and Plastic
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Dairy
  • Power Generation
  • Engineering
  • Steel
  • Food Processing
  • Textile
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Ceramic